School Support Categories in Monmouthshire

The colour indicates what level of support a school needs - from Green (least support, up to 4 days a year) through Yellow (up to 10 days), Amber (up to 15 days) to Red (up to 25 days of support). 

The information used to categorise schools includes information on how a school is led and managed, the quality of learning and teaching, teacher assessments, attendance and examination results. 

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How have the support categories for schools in Monmouthshire changed?

Primary Schools

Monmouthshire's primary schools have improved since 2014 and now need 8.5 days support on average rather than 12. They need more days support than the Welsh average.

Secondary Schools

Monmouthshire's four secondary schools show consistent performance with a slight improvement from 2017 to 2018 followed by a marginal change to 2019. They now need 9.75 days support on average against 11 days in 2014. They require less support than the Welsh average.