School Finance in Torfaen

Total schools budgeted expenditure per pupil

This amount includes the money retained by the local authority for central funding.

2020–21 = £6244 per pupil (2019–20 = £5687, 2018–19 = £6064) 

An increase of 3% compared to 6.6% the previous year

Ranked 11th for funding per pupil from Welsh Government for schools budgets, down from 7th the previous year.

% rate of delegation to schools

"In 2012, local government committed to a target set them by the Welsh Government to delegate 85% of all school funding directly to schools by 2014–15." (School Funding in Wales: Research Briefing, August 2018)

Rate of delegation in Torfaen in 2020–21 = 82.2% (15th highest in Wales)

2019–20 = 80.1% (20th highest in Wales)

Rate excluding home to school transport in 2020–21 = 84.4% (19th highest in Wales)

2019-20 = 82.5% (lowest)

How has this changed over time? How does Torfaen compare to other local authorities?

Per pupil funding of schools in Torfaen

We have mapped delegated per pupil funding for primary schools and secondary schools across Wales. The colours refer to Welsh averages. Purple indicates a school which receives funding in the top 25% per pupil, grey, the middle 50% and red, the bottom 25%.

Primary schools

Secondary schools

Changes in the average delegated school budget per pupil, 2012–20

Ranks 14th in 2019–20 for average delegated school budget per pupil for all school types.

Primary schools

Ranks 16th in 2019–20 for average delegated school budget per pupil for primary schools.

Secondary schools

Ranks 11th in 2019–20 for average delegated school budget per pupil for secondary schools.

School reserves in Torfaen

The map shows which schools retain reserves within statutory limits (in black) and above statutory limits (in yellow). The statutory limits are £50,000 for a primary school and £100,000 for a secondary school. It also shows which schools are in deficit (in red). All figures are for the end of the financial year 2018–2019. Use the menu on the top left to choose type of school, and hover over a school marker to find out how much money is involved.

How have financial reserves in Torfaen changed

Primary Schools

Torfaen's primary schools sectors financial reserves have increased lately, and are at a level of £262.29 per pupil (6th highest in Wales). One of its 26 is in deficit (just—-£1000) as at the end of 2018–19. 

Secondary Schools

Torfaen's secondary school sector's financial reserves have marginally reduced, to a level of £112 per pupil (6th highest in Wales). One of its six secondary schools is in deficit. 

Special Schools

Torfaen's one special school is in surplus at a level of £1027 per pupil.